The Best Simple Tips For Protecting Your Skin Strongly

Tips For Protecting Your Skin

At present, there are so many advices and informations about how to care for your skin to get the best result in both the Internet and real life. Therefore, you don’t know what way is really suitable to your skin, specially in case you have sensitive skin. So, many researchers proved that skin is affected by two elements: internal element and external element. Basing on this, we made a list of tips about how to care your skin strongly.  If you do this list below, your skin is gradually recovered and you will get the best strong skin.

Tips For Protecting Your Skin

Protect skin

  • First, identify your skin’s essence and what is type of your skin. Because you will only find the product that best suits your skin when you make the right determination about what your skin type is.
  • Second, care your skin everyday with some skin care products such as: night skin care products, body moisturizer, sunscreen, … Specially, wash your face 2 times a day at least in the morning and evening for disposing of slime.
  • Third, drink water regularly at least 2 litters a day to make up for the amount of water that you lose everday through your body’s activities. In addition, drinking water everyday will make your skin be more humidity.
  • Fourth, remember to use sunscreen whenever you go outside. Intense sunlight summer is the enemy of the skin . Ultraviolet light has both in the shade or in the cold winter day. So you should use sunscreen everyday that have the SPF from 15 to 30. It is estimated that level is safe for every skin, including sensitive skin.
  • Fifth, have healthy living regime: No tobacco , limiting stimulants , limiting alcohol, dieting fit body, eat more vegetables and fruits.
  • Sixth, don’t stay up too late at night. You need to sleep from 8 to 10 hours a day to get enough sleep and avoid stress that damages the skin .
  • Seventh, make the mask skin regularly with many natural ingredients that is good for skin such as: potato, tomato, honey, … Avoid abusing exfoliating creams because it removes the natural oils that have a protective effect and maintain healthy skin because this oil layer separates the skin with the toxic exposure of the environment and the sun – the cause of aging .
  • Eighth, massage your  skin with mustard oil or milk or something like that 15 minutes before bath, and then take a warm bath. Your skin will be moisturized naturally and smooth.
  • Nineth, let your skin contact with sunshine at 7 or 8 a.m and from 5 to 6 p.m to supply vitamin D which is really needed for the skin and bones. This is very important because it will help your skin strongly and avoid skin disease.


If you follow this tips and do it regularly, you will get good results. Your skin will be recovered and improved gradually and you will get perfect skin in near future. We sure that!

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