For raw milk and other raw dairy products, go to A Campaign for Real Milk (a project of the Weston A. Price Foundation), click on “Real Milk Finder” at the top, and then look at the listings for your area. Many of the raw dairy farmers listed also sell pastured meats and eggs, vegetables, honey, and more. The site also has a blog for news and action alerts regarding raw milk legislation, and articles about the health and safety of raw milk.

The Weston A. Price Foundation provides several other ways to find local nutrient-dense foods:

  • Local Chapter Leaders compile lists of local sources of nutrient-dense foods and can often answer questions
  • Shopping Guide is published annually and a print copy is sent to all foundation members, or you can order copies online for $1 each. It is now also available as an iPhone app (Android version in development). Producers and products are carefully vetted to ensure their products and methods adhere to WAPF dietary guidelines.
  • Foundation members also receive WAPF’s quarterly journal, Wise Traditions, which is chock full of articles and with a section of carefully vetted advertisements for nutrient-dense food and holistic health care providers. Join the foundation to start receiving your copies.
  • Healthy4Life Guide includes a simple primer for healthy eating based on four “food groups,” with recipes. You can read it online or order a printed copy from the foundation.

For local farm foods of all kinds, go to Local, which provides a directory of farms, farmers markets, farm clubs, grocery stores, co-ops, restaurants, and meat processors.